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    Soh Lab January 2015
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  • Revolutionary aptamer discovery technology
    Revolutionary aptamer discovery technology
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    Real-time in vivo monitoring
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    Soh Lab June 2016

Welcome to the H. T. Soh Lab

Welcome to our laboratory!   Our research is centered around developing novel biomaterials and biosensors for the early detection and personalized treatment of diseases.  We seek to invent transformative new technologies and bring them into the clinic to improve patient care.  To facilitate this vision, we are jointly affiliated with the department of Electrical Engineering (in the School of Engineering) and the department of Radiology (in the School of Medicine). 

Currently, our research focuses on two themes: 1) directed evolution of materials:  we use evolutionary principles to create new molecules that do not exist in nature but can perform complex and useful functions.   We are especially interested in nucleic acid aptamers.  2)  integrated biosensors: we develop advanced technologies for measuring specific biomolecules with high sensitivities in complex samples. Our laboratory pioneered the development of "real-time biosensors" that can continuously measure drugs and other molecules directly in living animals. 

We welcome your feedback!  Please feel free to send your comments to sohlab [at] ee.stanford.edu.

We are hiring!
Open positions:
Postdoctoral researcher - nucleic acid technology 
Postdoctoral researcher - biosensors devices and systems
Staff Scientist/Engineer - instrument development

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