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Welcome to the Soh Lab!


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Molecular-Electronic Integration

Real-Time Biosensors, Implantable Biosensors, Distributed Biosensors

Molecular Design

Molecular Switches, Stimulus Responsive Materials, Highly-Multiplexed Detection

Molecular-Photonic Integration

Real-Time Biosensors, Single Molecule Biosensors, Biomolecular Imaging

Directed Evolution

Technologies for Efficient Selection, Machine Learning-Based Evolution, Selection for Novel Molecular Function

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Mission Statement

Our laboratory is dedicated to developing biosensor systems for early disease detection and targeted therapies.  Toward this end, one arm of our laboratory develops novel molecular reagents (aptamers and engineered antibodies) that can perform molecular functions that conventional reagents cannot do – such as conformational switching and signaling.  We generate these novel reagents through rational design as well as the process of “directed evolution." The second arm of our laboratory develops advanced electronic and photonic hardware systems to integrate these reagents for deployment.  We are particularly interested in developing new technologies for measuring biomarkers in vivo – continuously, and developing novel diagnostic solutions that can be distributed - at scale - with minimal infrastructure.